Vigne Chigi

The Farm

Vigne Chigi was born from a sweeping passion, a dream to realize, a big love for its own land, a philosophy of life.
We are in a wonderful landscape where the soil is very qualified for viticulture and, after many years of only growing, we decided to turn our grapes in wine by ourselves.
Every day, we dedicate to our vineyards labour, attention and care in order to obtain a unique wine, typical of the place and fit to express the value of our sunny soils.
Two autochthonous kinds of wine, then, deserved our confidence: Pallagrello, and Casavecchia, which create characteristic wines.
They are very ancient and they were the passion of Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, the king of two Sicilies. He ordered his gardeners to plant them among the beautiful vineyard called “Vigna del ventaglio”.
For these reasons we reproduce on our labels the royal hunting dogs, another big love of the king.
Vigne Chigi is in an ideal position for people who want to combine passion for art with passion for gastronomy and to know our culture and traditions.